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Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes

imageI love giving little gifts to my friends and I love baking.  So with Valentine’s day coming up I baked an assortment of treats, mainly pinkish.  Time was a factor as usual so I had to take some shortcuts and use mixes and recipes that were quick to make.  And, I made a few at a time.  Even got up one morning and baked cookies.  My cookie recipes are simple, yet delicious and on a previous blog.

I save”to-go” containers that I can wash and even buy some at the local dollar store for this purpose.  And, I got those cute “itty-bitty” silver forks at the dollar store.

Each box has two “pink velvet” mini cupcakes (cake mix) with cream cheese frosting piped on to look pretty (one with white frosting and one with frosting tinted pink – but sprinkles on both, and garnished with a fresh raspberry); two of each cookie I made – shortbread hearts and Bisquick-pudding cookies; one piece of vanilla fudge- tinted pink with sprinkles; three pretzels with melted Hershey’s hugs and topped with an M&M.  For a little salty treat, I put in a few plain pretzels and then threw a few M&Ms and other candies around them all.

I delivered these there boxes yesterday afternoon – one to a friend in a nursing home.  This made the day of this little lady in the nursing home.  Her huge smile made it all worth the time and work.  She ate a little and saved some to enjoy for the next few days.

Oh, and I also put a Valentine card on the top of each box – addressed to “My Sweet Friend, (name).

I got back home with three very thankful voicemail messages on my answering machine!

I love making these pretty little treats, but even more I love the happiness it brings to someone when they are remembered in a special way.

TRY IT! Make someone feel special.  You’ll bring some happiness to ourself also!


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