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Simple Gift Idea

imageimageLast night I realized it was the birthday of a friend, and I would be seeing her today. (Good thing I always try to keep a little stash of last-minute-gifts for times like this.)

Several months ago, I found these little house-shaped boxes at the local dollar store. They were absolutely too cute to pass up, especially for one dollar. At the time, I had no idea when or how I would use them. I got three sizes so they were easy to store nested in one another. I’ve now used several of them, and every time I’ve given a gift in one of these houses, it’s brought a smile to the recipient’s face.

What’s inside – a small jar candle and a purse size hand cream.  Gifts don’t have to be elaborate, sometimes just a little remembrance is all that’s needed. Wrapped in tissue paper, tucked inside this little house box, and a pretty bow on top makes a “little gift” special. I will say, this is a friend who does not expect a gift from me, so anything more elaborate would probably make her feel obligated in some way. But, since I’ll see her today, I wanted to do a little something.

It comes in handy to have some “gifty” items on hand, especially when you remember at the last minute and have no time to shop.  I usually have a supply of hand creams, candles, note paper (maybe with a pen), slippers, footies, etc. It’s also helpful to keep a supply of birthday cards – I buy them by the box which makes them less expensive.



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