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Simple gift idea


Here is a very simple gift wrap idea. If you want to share something you bake with a friend, wrap it nicely so it looks special.   I love giving just a little treat to someone, just to say, “I’m thinking of you.”  If I’ve baked something I think a friend would like, I love to share it with her.   I also like to wrap the treat in a pretty and attractive way so the giftee feels it is special.  I keep a supply of treat bags in my gift wrapping supplies.  This makes a quick and simple way to give an attractive little treat.  Tied with a little bow, I have a nice treat to give.



I had just made pumpkin bread one day when my carpenter stopped by to fix my sink.  His mom is a good friend and his next stop was her house.  While he worked I took a couple minutes to create a simple gift wrap for a small loaf of my pumpkin bread for her.




 A few days  later I was meeting another friend for dinner.  I took another treat bag for a gift wrap and fixed a similar bag of cookies I had just made.  I greeted her with this little treat of a sample of a new cookie recipe.  

It does not take and elaborate gift or a lot of time to make someone feel special.  And, who doesn’t like a little something presented to them in a nice gif wrap to remind them they’re special to you.  







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