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Relaxing Bath Soak and Body Detox

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imageToday I’m sharing my “recipe/formula” for a relaxing bath soak and body detox. 
Did you ever feel so tired, worn out or wound up that you can’t even relax enough to go to sleep.  You know a good night’s sleep will make a huge difference, but your body aches, your overly tired and you just don’t fall asleep easily. 
That was me last night.  I was almost too tired to even take the extra few minutes to get the stuff ready for a soak in the tub.  But I remembered how this has relaxed me in the past, so I decided to take the time (and also a photo so I could share it). 
You know, I’ve always wondered about the “detox” affects of these “soak” recipes that seem to go around.  I mean, how can you really know for sure this is working without some kind of blood test before and after.  But, we sometimes just have to trust all we’ve read and do our research.  And we can tell by the way we feel after regular use. 
This did the trick for me, I slept sound and woke up feeling much, much better this morning.


One thing I can tell you for certain about this Relaxing Bath Soak formula, it is most definitely relaxing.

 WARNING:  I do not recommend doing this in the morning the first time – this just might put you right back to sleep.
1 cup of Epson Salt;
1 cup of baking soda;
1 cup of hydrogen peroxide

3-4 capfuls of lavender essential oil  

Start by filling the bathtub with water as hot as you can stand (it’s not necessary to make it so hot you are uncomfortable – we don’t need any 2nd or 3rd degree burns).  Pour in Epson Salt, baking soda and lavender and stir a little with your hand until everything is dissolved.  At the last minute I poured in about a cup of hydrogen peroxide (I’ve recently been reading about the benefits of that, but just never have used it in this soak before).  Submerge yourself in the water and relax and soak for 15 to 30 minutes.  Have a comfy bathrobe or P.J.’s to put on as soon as you get out and dry off. 


You may want to check with your doctor before beginning anything new like this. 
I’m not a doctor; I’m just sharing what has worked for me with no side affects.
Depending on how high you fill the rub, you might want to add 1 & 1/2 times each ingredient. 
Turn on some soft music. 
Make yourself a cup of caffeine free hot tea to drink while you soak. 
Set your worries aside – easier said than done, I know – but a little break from them will give you a better perspective. 

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