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Oreo Cupcakes – the easy way

Yes, if you bake something fabulous, you are entitled to brag about it!  (Your mistakes can secretly go in the garbage – no confession necessary.)

The leader of our Sunday School department is getting married, so we can’t let a chance for a party go by without a celebration with the Sunday School kids.  Thus, 75 Oreo Cupcakes are in my freezer awaiting the party day.  I’m sharing the directions.  Can’t say I’m sharing the recipe, because due to time limitations, I modified the recipe by using cake mix and canned frosting.  (It’s okay; nothing to be ashamed of if your short on time.)
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Oreo Cupcakes

I use jumbo cupcake papers because the cookie takes up some of the space at the bottom.  (I get 12-14 per box of cake mix.)

Put an Oreo cookie in the bottom of each cupcake paper.  I used vanilla Oreos with the yellow cake mix.

Mix the cake batter according to directions on the box and spoon over each cookie – filling cupcake paper 2/3 full.  (I use the large Pampered Chef scoop.)

Bake according to directions on box, then let them set until cool.

With my apple corer, I took a plug of cake from the center of each cupcake.  Insert the corer gently until you feel it touch the cookie.  If it does not come out easily, give it a slight turn.  (I have a baggie in my freezer with the pieces of cake I took out.  Still don’t know what I’ll do with those, but wasting good cake is not an option at my house.)

Fill a zip lock bag with frosting. (I used canned for the sake of time.)  Cut off the tip of one corner of the zip lock bag;

Fill the center of each cupcake with frosting.  With chocolate cake I used white frosting.  With the yellow cake I used chocolate.  Choose your favorite combination here.

Last, frost the top of each cupcake and you’re ready for a party.  (Or, freeze until party time.)

When I heard about this recipe, it didn’t excite me, but I made them when my grandsons came to visit.  When I heard, “Grandma, these cupcakes are awesome,” I decided they would be good for a Sunday School kids’ party.  These freeze well, so you can make them in advance.  I thought the cookie might get soft in the freezer, but with the first experiment, I found the cookie stays firm and delicious.

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