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Inexpensive Homemade Weed Killer – Do It Yourself

This inexpensive homemade weed killer works like a charm.  It has only three ingredients and saves $$$.  For years, I spent money on a store bought brand that worked great, but cost almost $12.00 a gallon. Now I make my own inexpensive homemade weed killer, it works just as well and costs about what I pay for a gallon of white vinegar – under $3.00 a gallon. (usually $2.69).


Inexpensive Homemade Week Killer

Is it worth a few minutes to save $9.00 a gallon?

I hate weeds or grass growing in cracks in the sidewalk – even in the public sidewalk and street in front of my house.  If you are careful to not spray too near plants you don’t want to kill, you can get ride of some weeds in your landscaping. During the spring and summer I use a couple gallons or more.  This year I am killing some vegetation for a new flower bed I’m planning to put in next Spring.  My inexpensive homemade weed killer is saving me quite a bit of money.

This is NOT for weeds in the lawn as it kills all vegetation it touches and you don’t want to be killing your grass, but anywhere there are weeds or grass growing where you don’t want them – this will do the trick.


What you need:

1 cup measuring cup

1 tablespoon measuring spoon


empty spray bottle

1 gallon of white vinegar

2 cups of Epson Salt

3 tablespoons of Dawn dish detergent


Empty about 2 cups of white vinegar into a separate container to make room for the Epson Salt and Dawn detergent. (You can pour this back in later or use it for another purpose.)  With a funnel, pour 2 cups of Epson Salt into the rest of the vinegar in the gallon jug.  Pour in the Dawn dish detergent.  Shake well until Epson Salt is dissolved and all ingredients are mixed well.  Pour into spray bottle.  Spray anywhere you have weeds or grass growing that you want to get rid of.  Within 24 hours this inexpensive homemade weed killer will do its job.  I keep a supply of ingredients in the garage and it takes less than five minutes to mix up a gallon.


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