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Inexpensive Flower Arranging

I love the salad dressing pictured below.  (And, NO! I’m not getting paid to say that.)  I use every drop of the salad dressing and save the jar.  This jar is perfect for so many things – more on that later. Today it is a vase which making it basically a free vase to give flowers in.  It’s easy to take off the label, put a ribbon around the mouth of the jar, and have an attractive vase/jar to use for a gift.  I’ve put my pickled beats in these to give to friends who love my pickled beets. 

I had not seen a good friend for a month or so (feeling bad about that).  Her son is a carpenter and came over to do some work on my house. I decided, as long as he was stopping by his mom’s house on his way home, that I would send a little “thinking of you” surprise to her.  Out in my yard, I found that roses were starting to bloom – perfect.  I cut a couple small roses, one Peonie that was just starting to bloom, and cut a couple small branches from my purple plumb bush.  I had an inexpensive flower arrangement; nothing professional, but a nice little remembrance to brighten someone’s day and say, “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while, but I’m thinking of you.” 


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