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Houseplant Health – Eggshells

imageimage image imageFor a long time I just accepted the fact that my pm kept a quart jar with eggshells covered with water under her kitchen sink.  One day after my family had eaten dinner at my mom and dad’s house, I naturally got up to help with the dishes.  This time curiosity got the better of me so I asked her why in the world she kept a jay of egg shells under her sink.  (She did not do this when I was growing up there.).

The answer was simple.  She said, “I water my houseplants with the water.”  Okay, this mysterious jar of eggshells covered with water finally had a purpose.  Her neighbor, whose houseplants were always the picture of health, gave her the idea.

So, guess what, for many years I kept a jar with eggshells covered with water under my sink.  My plants seem thrive on it.  And, it saves money buying expensive plant food.  That is all the food my plants have gotten for years, and the few I have look healthy and green.

Since my use of eggs and my plant watering schedule are not always the same, I discovered that if I kept the eggshell water under the sink too long, when I removed the lid, there was an unpleasant odor.  I got the idea to freeze the eggshells in a ziplock bag.  The day before I water my plants, usually Saturday morning, I take the bag out of the freezer, remove a few eggshells, and put them in a glass of water.  After this sets for a day on the kitchen counter, the chemicals have dissipated from the water, the water has absorbed the vitamins from the eggshells and I have no odor whatsoever.  I never notice an odor at all when leaving it sit just one day.  Now my plants can enjoy a healthy drink of water and get the nourishment they need.  I have not purchased houseplant food for several years and my plants are beautiful.  The plant on the far right was a gift and has grown to a plantar four times larger than it came its original plantar – in less than a year.  The ferns in the middle take whatever I give them.  If I forget them a week they never

other tips

i water my plants once a week only

Every plant is different and requires different amounts of water.  Too much is often worse than too little.

every plant has it’s own preference of light (mine are all by various windows and get only natural sunlight.)

not all sunlight is equal – some plants like morning sunlight; others thrive with the afternoon sun.

A little research will give you an idea of whether to put a plant by a north, south, east or west window.

If a plant does not thrive by one window, try moving it to another.


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