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Homemade Tartar Sauce

imageI tried this for the first time last night with not much of an idea what goes into the making of a good tartar sauce.  I was too lazy to look through cookbooks, plus I kind of wanted to make this “my own” recipe to share.  To me, some types of fish just must be eaten with tartar sauce.  For shrimp, I like cocktail sauce, but fish fillets and tartar sauce seem to belong together.

I had fish fillets in the freezer that needed to be used soon, but had no tartar sauce in the frig.  Between thawing the fish in the microwave and then broiling it, I whipped together some ingredients I had on hand.  I was pleasantly surprised with a delicious tartar sauce – to me, just as good as any I’ve had in a restaurant or purchased ready made.

The plus side is, I don’t use a lot or tartar sauce and so it often goes bad from being in my refrigerator too long.  Making my own, I can adjust the ingredients to the amount we will eat with one meal.


4 TBSP. Mayonnaise (I used “lite” to save a few calories and it was delicious);

1 TBSP. sweet pickle relish;

1 tsp. lemon juice;

1 tsp. sugar;

1/2 tsp. catcup


Mix all ingredients together, refrigerate for a few minutes before serving.  Give it a try, and even vary the ingredients to suit your own taste.


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