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Hawaiian Party – My Friends Are Such Good Sports

Hawaiian nightI love giving parties – nothing elaborate – more like little get-togethers with a few friends.  I love finding a “theme” to build my party around, and I get excited when I find just the right little party favor to send home with my guests.

Walking through my nearby dollar store, I spotted these grass skirts, hair flowers, plus all sorts of Hawaiian decorations.  Couldn’t resist.  My next “old movie night” with a special group of friends had a Hawaiian theme.

I met each guest at the door with her Hawaiian attire ready.  We had Hawaiian salad, Hawaiian punch and other theme related foods.  We then watched “Fifty First Dates” which was filmed in Hawaii.  My fiends are so special to cooperate with my crazy ideas, even wearing my crazy costumes.  There’s no limit to what your imagination can come up with for this theme.  For a bunch of “young-at-heart” gals, we had a blast.  I sent them home with left over food and their costumes.  We actually had the nerve to go across the street – in broad daylight – so my neighbor could take our picture. 

I used this picture for another purpose, sadly the ladies with the arrows pointing to them were both taken with cancer this year.  We miss them terribly.  Plan a get-together soon and at least you can have some wonderful memories if this happens to your circle of friends.



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