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Hat Party

I have a special group of friends who like to get together and watch old movies together.  I’ve always called it “old movie night.”  My sweet adorable children call it “old lady night”.   (Well, we’re young at heart!!). Once again the local dollar store gave me an idea.  At the front of the store there were plain white hats.  Thus! my Spring/ Easter theme was created.

I got silk flowers and decorated a hat for each lady. The hats were displayed around the house.  Each hat had a special decoration depicting something about the lady who was to wear that particular hat.  Nothing bad or embarrassing – these are, after all, guests in your home.  The bird lover got a bird on her hat; the cook, a small wooden spoon, etc.  (Ya gotta get creative here.).  They really enjoyed figuring out whose hat was whose.  Friends are so cooperative to go along with my silly ideas.

What other movie would we watched except “In Your Easter Bonnet” with Judy Garland.  What a great time. I sent my guests home – hats in tow – with a great memory of time with friends.

Hat party

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