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Gift Ideas

Apples for Bible study ladies

I love giving gifts – no I’m not wealthy – but with a little imagination and creativity, you can present a hostess gift or just a little something for friends to take home when they visit you.  I recently wanted to take a little treat to everyone for my first session of our Fall ladies’ Bible study.  I had just been apple picking the day before, so I put an apple with a few pieces of candy in a bag, tied them with a bow and put one on every chair.  Everyone was pleased to get a little unexpected treat




11-2014 127

Ever need just a little something to give someone.  If a friend takes me to lunch or does a kind little deed, I like to show my appreciation without making them think I’m trying to pay them back.

If I know the person likes to cook, I take a back issue of “Taste of Home” magazine, roll it up, tie it with a bow, and there ya’ go . . . a little gifty-type thing.  The bow just makes it look a little more gift-like.  Make sure you did not tear any recipes out of the issues you give.











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