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Broccoli Plus

imageTupperware steamer 2This was a perfect side dish to go with my delicious pork chops (previous blog) for Sunday dinner.  My son LOVES broccoli!  I usually just steam fresh broccoli with a little butter, salt and pepper.  I felt a little creative so I changed things around a bit for variety.  It got the approval of everyone at my Sunday dinner table.

Recipe 1 bunch of fresh broccoli 4 slices of cooked bacon – on the crispy side (I used pre-cooked because this was a last minute decision.) 1/4 cup olive oil salt and pepper to taste Cut broccoli in 1 to 2 inch pieces.  Put in microwave vegetable steamer with about 1/4 cup of water in the bottom tray.  Place lid over top tray and steam in microwave on high for 2 minutes.  Remove from microwave.  Pour the water out of the bottom tray and put the steamed broccoli in the bottom tray of the steamer.  (My steamer has two trays – the top tray with holes so the steam from the water helps cook the vegetables and a bottom try for holding the  water – then it has a lid. (see picture to the left above)  Crumble bacon into the olive oil and pour overup broccoli.  Return steamer to microwave and cook for about 1 more minute on high.  Remove from microwave and add salt and pepper to taste.  If you prefer your broccoli to be cooked a little more you can return it to the microwave for additional time until it gets to the point you like.  Depending on the size the pieces, the above time is just about perfect for my family – not raw, but not too soft. TIP:  When steaming vegetables in the microwave, cook for shorter amounts of time.  You can always return them to the microwave for additional cooking time. AND:  I read years ago and found this to be true – for those vegetables that tend to leave an unpleasant odor in your house – if you cut them into small enough pieces that it takes less than five minutes to cook, the odor will not be nearly as bad, or linger quite as long and you might not notice an odor at all.  Try it – it seems to work for me.  PLUS:  I also find certain vegetables (broccoli an cauliflower) have more flavor when they are not cooked until they are the consistency of mush. ALSO I usually steam my vegetables last so they don’t get over cooked, but are yet piping hot when I serve them.

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