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Christmas Party -Part 1

I love getting together with a special group of ladies.  They’re pictured in my previous blog posts.   We just had our annual Christmas get-together.  I usually host our Christmas party and love every minute – from sending out invites, decorating, food prep and finding little party favors – to the time when the last guest goes out the door.

imageThese little “Rudolph Noses” made a pretty favor to put by each plate.  So simple – buy round red candies, put in a cellophane bag, find a Rudolph picture on- line, print them on your printer, staple or tie to the bag, and you’re all set.  After all the delicious food we had, they each took this home.

I wanted to do something clever for seating other than deciding who should sit where and making place tags.  I came up the idea to take old Christmas cards and cut them into a jigsaw puzzles.  I placed a puzzle on each plate and took one piece from each puzzle and put it in a dish.  Each lady picked a puzzle piece from the dish.  While we were having appetizers in the living room, it was fun listening to the curious remarks about the purpose the puzzle piece each lady chose.  When it was time to eat, I explained they should find the puzzle their piece would fit and that would be their seat for dinner.  They had fun going around the table and finding the puzzle that her piece would fit.












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