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Christmas Party – Part 2

image imageSo as my guests arrived, I ushered them into the living room for appetizers and chilled Sparkling Cider.  Appetizers included: a variety of veggies on a Christmas tree plate, Ranch dip, Salsa/cheese dip, a variety of cheeses, and fancy crackers.  We spent some time just chatting and enjoying appetizers.
The cheese dip was a last minute decision. I had a couple different kinds of cheese I needed to use up so I created my own cheese dip.  It turned out yummy and I made good use of some small pieces of cheese in the frig.  The Salsa gives the cheese a consistency that is easy for dipping.  If it’s too solid – just add a little more salsa.

Easy Cheese Dip


Cheeses (one or more type) – use what you have, but one of mine was Velveeta (the quantity depends on how much dip you need)

Mild salsa – I used store-bought (use medium or hot – depending on your taste – but I felt my guests would not want anything too spicey)


Melt cheeses in microwave at 50% power

Stir in salsa (here again, it’s your choice as to how much salsa you want)  I put about 4 TBSP. for a cup of cheese.

I love recipes where you don’t have to measure every little thing, but can go with your personal taste.

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