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Special Treat

Would you like to get a special treat like this from a friend?







Need just a little something for a special treat or remembrance for someone without spending a lot of money. Here’s an idea to let someone know you remembered their birthday without going overboard.


I usually do not give elaborate gifts to friends. For one thing, most of my friends do not have the financial means to reciprocate and would feel obligated to spend money on me they can’t afford. And, I am blessed with so many friends, it would get to be more than I could afford, since it am not rolling in “dough” myself.  Sometimes just a little special treat is nice to receive.

Most of my friends do not need any more ” knick-knack” type things. They could easily afford to buy themselves anything I could get them.  But if I bake something, and a fiend’s birthday is coming up, I love to share. And I love to create a pretty package?  This was the case this weekend. I was baking mini cupcakes for another event and the recipe made more than I needed for that event.  So, I put four mini cupcakes in a clear plastic to-go container.   Bow, a few beads slipped on to the end of the ribbons, and some adhesive felt hearts left over from another project made a real pretty little way to give my friend  her birthday cupcakes.  Total cost (considering I had all the supplies already) was $0.

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