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Add a small bathroom

imageEven if you have just a little space, you might be surprised when you get out your tape measure and do the math that you actually have room for a small bathroom.  Realtors will tell you that adding even a half bath in your home will increase the actual dollar value of your home.  Some improvements will add to the “sale-abilitly” of your home, but a half bath adds money to what you can sell it for.

I had a storage room by my family room on the lower level of my house.  It had cement blocks and just a concrete floor and shelves on each side that were not wide enough to put much on – not a pretty place at all.  So, I decided to add a half bath.

After putting in studs, insulation, drywall and covering the drywall with cedar, the room was 47 inches wide.  An 18 inch vanity left plenty of room for a toilet.  I could not find an 18 inch medicine cabinet, but since this is just an extra half bath, I found two mirrors at a local store that fit perfectly.  This picture doesn’t show it, but the one over the vanity has “Uh La, La” etched in Gold; the other has gold hearts etched on it.


There would have been room for a shower, but that would have entailed drilling into concrete and become pretty expensive.  Above are pictures of the shelves I had installed.  Who can’t use a little extra storage space.  These are only on one side and the end, so they could be wider than the previous shelves and much more useful.  Got a little space, consider a small bathroom.  This will save me running up the stairs when I’m down doing laundry or watching a movie in the family room.

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