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About Homebody Girl



I’m a Homebody Girl at heart!  I love doing domestic-around-the-house things.

This blog is a good way for me to share my homebody ideas. 

Stop by often; I try to keep this site updated with things of interest to us homebodies.

My love of quilting inspired these quilting sites – Stop By For A “Look See”

imageI love being a homebody girl – staying home just doing my thing around the house.  I work a full-time job because we’ve grown accustomed to eating and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to shop.  Since I’m gone much of the day, I cherish every minute at home and try to use it to do things I enjoy.  (Good thing I sort of enjoy cleaning.)  I try to find easier ways to get the not-so-fun chores done quickly and get on to my favorite things – quilting, sewing, needlework, baking, cooking, crafts, etc.

 Here are a few of my favorite things to do:

  • Spend some time each morning getting ready for the day by reading my Bible and devotional books, listening and praying to my Heavenly Father.  One of my favorite devotional books is “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.  I also find “Experiencing God Day By Day” by Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby has just what I need to face the day.

  • Teach my third grade girls Sunday School Small Group.  I adore these little girls and look forward to Sundays when I can spend time with them.  They are eager to learn and ask some tough questions which forces me to keep learning myself;

  • Lead a ladies Bible study which is a priority over other things I enjoy doing.  I learn so much from these ladies and enjoy every minute we are together;

  • Organize, re-organize then find more efficient ways to get even more organized;

  • Keep my home neat, tidy and “eat-off-the-floor” clean;

  • Cook and bake – love trying new recipes;

  • Quilt and sew – I come from a family of quilters.  I still quilt some of my quilts by hand using my mom’s quilting frames.  I also have a blog for quilters;

  • Knit, crochet and do other kinds of needlework (my first needlework was embroidery at 7-8 years old);

  • Watch old movies and classic TV shows – a good excuse to sit and knit, crochet or do needlework;

  • Crafting type stuff – card making, plus almost any craft;

  • Give parties and make people glad they came to my home;

  • Give gifts, especially gifts I make myself or something from my kitchen, or a bargain I find shopping.  I get super excited when I find a bargain and it’s just the perfect gift for a special friend;

  • Share my homebody ideas – hence my Homebody Girl blog

  • Sit by my little gas stove pictured above and lose track of all time reading a good book;

  • My favorite color is PINK; purple and blue are close seconds; 

  • My favorite TV show of all time is “I Love Lucy”;

  • I enjoy traveling and seeing new places or just relaxing on the beach, but I’m always glad to get home to my own bed;

  • And did I mention that I love to shop?  Not just for myself – I get excited when I come across a “gift-type” item that is perfect for a friend.  I love finding bargains, and seldom buy anything that is not a really great bargain.

  • The list could go on, but that’s probably a whole lot more than you ever wanted to know about me. 

  •  American Legacy Quilt FrameMy Quilting Sites – Stop By For A “Look See”image

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